Fact Sheet of our Principal

Principal of the Organisation: Markus Walter Lehner

Date of birth: 1964-11-11 at 02-32

Place of birth: Vienna, Austria

Living in: Monte Carlo, Monaco

Lived in: Vienna, Los Angeles, London, Berlin and Milan.

Astrological sign: Very much Scorpion, ascendant Virgo

Languages: English, Deutsch (mother tongue), Italian (with pleasure), French (only if he has to)

Schools: Volksschule, Gymnasium, Handelsakademie (Universities only known to him from parties)

Exams: Expert witness at Court and State Exam (with distinction) for Investment Consulting and Asset Management

Military Duties: Secret Service in Austria (Heeresnachrichtenamt)

Profession & Passion: Investor & Investments

Status: happily married, and amazing daughter

Physicals: <70kg, >180cm, blue eyes.

Contact: 1@ml.org (he might even answer)