Welcome to our world!

We are the private Organisation of and around our principal and ultimate decision-maker, Markus Lehner, with the sole purpose and duty to support him in his intensions in business as well as private affairs.

The main divisions are our single Family Office supporting him in his professional and private life, a Private Equity company serving him as investment holding company as well as a Foundation to protect and support his intentions also beyond our Organisation.

On our website we don’t sell anything nor do we give any kind of advice. We would simply like to give you a flavour of who we actually are, what we do, what we stand for as well as how to deal and communicate with us. If you find that interesting – or at least entertaining – we would be very delighted because that is also one purpose of this website.

Therefore you will find in the focus of this website links to short description of our entities, centered in our news centre, consisting of 4 windows to obtain different kind of information: twitter for rather compact news, instagram for more visual news, our blog with stories of us and our environment, and finally a window to youtube with several video clips related to the Organisation. All of the 4 windows have a red news-indicator to show you if there is some news since your last visit.

Further down below of the news centre you will find different and a little bit more static information. For example the story behind our Logo, the general conditions to deal with us, a potpourri of what we like or love, how to contact us in general, several invitations to follow us on social media and – last, but definitely not least – the amazing Team of the MARKUS LEHNER ORGANISATION.

Please enjoy (y)our time!

Markus Lehner Foundation
Markus Lehner Family Office
Markus Lehner Private Equity