Dejan Stoiljkovski, Macedonian

Valet to the Principal

Born in Macedonia in a diplomatic family, having lived, studied and worked in several European Countries, Dejan has a strong international background. He holds an M.A. in Literature and Sport Science from the University of Düsseldorf, Germany.

After finishing his studies in 1999, Dejan moved from Germany to the French Riviera. There he started his career in the hospitality business as operations assistant in the most successful Destination Managment Company in France called ‘LSO’. Several in-house trainings promoted him soon to project manager and he then worked in the company until 2005. Thereafter he worked in Switzerland, Portugal, Croatia, Irland, England and was in charge of site inspections for the American Event Management company ‘World Class Travel by Invitation’. He was mainly in charge of coordinating the individual luxury travel. In 2010 an opportunity emerges to work for ‘Star Events’, Monaco based Sports Management Company sothat he finally could devote himself to his passion and begins organising endurance sport events in France, Germany, Monaco and Croatia.

For several years now Dejan is serving the principal of the MARKUS LEHNER ORGANISATION as his personal valet. Not only because of his language skills – Dejan is fluent in French, English, German, Italian, Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian and Macedonian – he is also supporting our MARKUS LEHNER FAMILY OFFICE.

Lydie Lehner, Italian

Supervisory Counsellor of the MARKUS LEHNER FOUNDATION

Lydie Lehner-Occhiolini was born on the Côte d’Azur as a child of a French mother and an Italian father. Already in her early years she was represented by several well-know agencies in France and Italy before she started her independent and very successful career as an international mannequin and fashion model.

Since Lydie Lehner has been a very sportive person for all her life – for example running several Marathons – she started to work also for sports events, in front as well as behind the cameras. With that experience Lydie Lehner took over also certain responsibilities in other events which where more related to business, such as media congresses as well as trade-shows for cosmetics and yachts.

Being married to the principal of the MARKUS LEHNER ORGANISATION since several years now Lydie Lehner engaged herself right from the beginning as one of the two members (next to Florian Haslinger) of supervisory Council of the MARKUS LEHNER FOUNDATION. There Lydie Lehner carries the main responsibility for all charity activities of the MARKUS LEHNER ORGANISATION.

Dr. Florian Haslinger, German

Leading Legal Adviser to the MARKUS LEHNER FAMILY OFFICE

Supervisory Counsellor of the MARKUS LEHNER FOUNDATION

Florian Haslinger studied law at Ludwig-Maximilians-University in München and is practising as a multi-focused German lawyer since 2004. He has served international private and professional clients in the area of production companies, hotels and other touristic locations, advertising and media agencies, software development and engineering companies, the real estates business and the Investment Fund Industry.

Because our Principal and Florian Haslinger are work successfully together for almost 15 years now, he has even two important functions in our MARKUS LEHNER ORGANISATION:

First of all Florian Haslinger is the main and leading legal advisor to the MARKUS LEHNER FAMILY OFFICE, no matter if for private affairs of our principal and his family or more business related issues. In his function he supervises all legal matters of the entire group, hence our organization and its affiliated companies.

Secondly, but equally important, he is one of the two members (next to Lydie Lehner) of the supervisory council of our MARKUS LEHNER FOUNDATION since it was created and responsible for smooth and legally correct operations and transactions. Next to those two main positions he is also on the supervisory board (Aufsichtsrat) of the Adinotec AG, a public German shareholder company where our organization owns the majority.

Markus Lehner, Austrian


Right after fulfilling his military duties at the Intelligence Service in Austria, Markus Lehner made his first small Investments in little private companies. Starting soon to be successful, he went to the United States to discover and study the Investment world.

Back to Vienna in 1990 Markus Lehner founded his first company “LEHNER INVESTMENTS” and passed 1993 the state exam for “Asset Management” with distinction. In 1995 Markus Lehner became the first expert witness by law for “Investment Consulting” at the court of Vienna.

Since then the investment- entities of Markus Lehner made mainly Investments in public and Private Equity and currently deliver returns to more than 30.000 Co-Investors.

Because of his know-how and success he gave many TV-interviews and various reports about him were broadcasted, more than 100 press articles were published and thousands of people have attended speeches and presentations of Markus Lehner.

Markus Lehner became also a successful racing driver, winning the Championship of the European Ferrari Challenge, as well as a passionate aircraft pilot rated with the highest possible degrees in Private Aviation (Multi-Engine, Instrument, Crew-rating for Jets).

In recent years Markus Lehner started his family-life and created this private organisation to support his and the family’s private and personal affairs.

Siddharath Lugani, German

Chief Financial Officer at the MARKUS LEHNER PRIVATE EQUITY LTD

Siddharath Lugani graduated in political science, focused on economics, and completed his law studies afterwards. He is accredited as a lawyer and is a partner at Holtmann & Lugani Attorneys at Law, Munich. Siddharath Lugani comes from an Indian business family with many years of activities in manufacturing and trade. He joined the family business in his early age and conducted international business and financial affairs. In 2009, Siddharath Lugani entered the law office Zirngibl and advised corporate clients concerning business and corporate law. To combine his law experience with his entrepreneurial spirit, in 2012 he joined Schwartz, one of the top-ten law firms for insolvency and restructuring in Germany.

Siddharath Lugani is the honorary member of the board and treasurer of Indien-Institut Munich.

Because of his large experience as an entrepreneur as well as a lawyer and accountant, Siddharath Lugani is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of MARKUS LEHNER PRIVATE EQUITY. He is the first advisor to our principal Markus Lehner when it comes to Investment opportunities. His duties are starting from analyzing such opportunity over consulting on striking a deal to act as the financial controller of the underlying investments. For example, Siddharath Lugani is also CFO of the Adinotec AG, an affiliated company of our Organisation. No matter if a new company is created or an existing entity is acquired for restructuring and/or for a merger, his judgement and opinion is very valide to the entire MARKUS LEHNER ORGANISATION.

Nicola Neuer, Austrian


Nicola Neuer started her career as a key-account manager for an international hotel chain, developing her business and management skills. Right after that she moved-on in here professional life, developing further her communication skills, this time in the aviation industry as a relationship and operations manager. Back to her origins as a key-account manager, Nicola started working in the media world for big European players like PRO7-SAT1-Group as well as for the Austrian national broadcasting network ORF.

In the MARKUS LEHNER ORGANISATION she occupies the positions of the office manager at the MARKUS LEHNER FAMILY OFFICE. There she is in charge of smooth and efficient back office operations so that our Principal can focus on his pleasures and businesses, which are often the same.

She is controlling all daily financial operations related to the principal and his family as well as organising social and other media publications related to the whole MARKUS LEHNER ORGANISATION. Further on she is managing most of the calls, messages, mails and the likes heading towards our Principal Markus Lehner and his Family. Basically she is the most important point of contact for all general approaches to our MARKUS LEHNER ORGANISATION, so better be nice to her.


Dr. Adriano Cefai, B.A., LL.M. (Lon), LL.D., Maltese

Director at the Administrator of the MARKUS LEHNER FOUNDATION

Chief Operating Officer at the MARKUS LEHNER PRIVATE EQUITY LTD

Dr. Adriano Cefai graduated from the University of Malta with a Doctorate of Laws (LL.D.) in 2005. Following his apprenticeship with Cefai & Associates, in corporate law and administration, he furthered his studies at Queen Mary University (London) from where he graduated with a Mastersof Law (LL.M.) in Trusts and International & EC Tax Planning.

In 2004 Adriano Cefai joined Cefai & Associates Advocates, a family oriented boutique law firm, centrally located in the heart of Valletta and shortly after, he was made a partner. In 2009, Dr. Cefai expanded the family business by establishing Fides Corporate Services. He gathered a strong team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers and accountants, to bring together their expertise in a range of practice areas, including corporate law, trusts & estate planning and all the required back office support our MARKUS LEHNER ORGANISATION needs.

As the owner and director of Fides Fiduciary Ltd, which is the administrator of our MARKUS LEHNER FOUNDATION, as well as the Chief Operating Officer of our MARKUS LEHNER PRIVATE EQUITY LTD, Adriano Cefai is in charge of smooth and legally compliant operations and therefore has a significant importance to the entire MARKUS LEHNER ORGANISATION.