Family Office

The MARKUS LEHNER FAMILY OFFICE has the sole purpose of supporting exclusively its principal Markus Lehner with his intentions in business as well as private affairs. Therefore, it is also the first and general contact point for the entire MARKUS LEHNER ORGANISATION.

(+377) 97 97 97 97(+377) 97 97 97 97

The first company of the MARKUS LEHNER ORGANISATION was created in 1989 in Vienna and today consists of several companies, different divisions and great people being part of it, some of them for more than 20 years. The ultimate decision maker is Markus Lehner himself.


The MARKUS LEHNER FOUNDATION was created by Markus Lehner for two purposes: protect and preserve his intentions today as well as for the years beyond. Secondly, to support different charity organisations, bringing educational happiness to children of younger years.

Car Racing

The MARKUS LEHNER ORGANISATION has an emotional relationship to car racing, mainly because our principal Markus Lehner won the European Championship of the Ferrari Challenge. That’s also why we are supporting young and talented racing drivers in several racing series.


The MARKUS LEHNER ORGANISATION is the majority and therefore controlling shareholder of a public investment corporation, owning a group of complementary companies in the investment industry, all under the brand name of LEHNER INVESTMENTS.


Aviation has a historical tradition at the MARKUS LEHNER ORGANISATION since Markus Lehner is a pilot for more than 20 years. But also because flying private is the most efficient way to travel when activities are in many different locations and time is never unlimited.

A boys dream 😉