§ 1 All quoted amounts of money are in EUR (Euro) unless another currency is indicated.

§ 2 All quoted dates are in international format (year-month-day) to avoid misunderstandings.

§ 3 All quoted times are in CET (central European time) unless another time zone is indicated.

§ 4 If spelling something use the official aeronautical alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charley…).

§ 5 If interrupted during a call due to technical issues then who has called first shall call again.

§ 6 Advice if other people are listening to a conversation if not obvious.

§ 7 Confirm any message you have received from us as soon as you are aware of it.

§ 8 If you copy us in emails do not assume we are reading them. Address them directly if you want our full attention.

§ 9 Do not forward emails unless you have our prior authorisation to do so.

§ 10 You must not use any of the intellectual properties of our website unless authorised in writing before.

§ 11 If you offer some products or services to us include all costs (VAT, other taxes, commissions, fees or any other possible charges) in your price offered.

§ 12 Don’t expect any money from us unless a) you got confirmed in writing before that any payment(s) for your services or products will be done and b) we have received a proper and correct invoice from you.

§ 13 Should you receive any kind of payments from us it is your sole responsibility to pay taxes, commissions or any other duties to third parties if required.

§ 14 If you have taken or produced any media content (pictures, videos, recordings…) of, or related to, us you will not publish (including on social media) any of that unless you have our prior written approval.

§ 15 Keep all information obtained from and about us strictly confidential unless agreed in writing by us to disclose all or part of it.

§ 16 If we should have any damage or losses because of you not respecting any of our conditions we reserve all rights to claim compensation unless you can prove that such damage or losses did not occur to us.

We refer to “us” as Markus Lehner, his family and the entire MARKUS LEHNER ORGANISATION.